Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Trig, Track and Oink go to Bristol.

Pigs are big news these days and The Merkin was truly prescient in his juxtaposition of beauty and lard (particularly bellies) in a previous posting.

Just a coincidence, perhaps.

Fair enough, the pig was not wearing lipstick and should you be seized of the mistaken belief that pigs never fly, then it is just possible that Grannie Palin may one day have her finger on The Button.
However, once the pig is out of the poke you can't get it back so easily.

And just to show how absolutely dangerous pigs can be, a cautionary tale from a land down under.

'A pig the size of a Shetland pony has trapped an Australian woman in her village home, the national broadcaster reported Tuesday.Caroline Hayes, 63, has tried leave her house in Uki in northern New South Wales to use the outdoor toilet but says the animal has bitten her and shoved her back inside.'

Pork Chops for thought, eh?


zola a social thing said...

If Australian men behave like this then no wonder they lose their womenfolk.
Damn it they will have a free-drinks campaign soon where women drink free so long as they satisfy the pigs.

bruce said...

Just you wait for the bed-snake mate

Merkin said...

I always tie it down where possible.

Sheila not amused said...

I have roo-bar-bars on the front of my 4by4 whenever I travel in the bush.
Nowt to do with Kanga or Roo either.

Anonymous said...

Just imagine.
" The life of Merkin" released and open for all the Scots to see.

Then "Merkin in Aussi Lands" might get a second chance.

Merkin said...

I think I would like to have been a travel writer - evn though the world is getting increasingly dangerous.

And, I have read enough Bill Bryson to know where I don't want to go.

zola a social thing said...

Wat about the Polar Bears?

Merkin said...

'Wat about the Polar Bears?'

They can come with me if they want.