Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Freewoman wants to cull The Untermensch

It was my birthday.

Freewoman talked about culling those she doesn't like - non-Zionists, Palestinians, Freedom Fighters etc.

I remembered it.

So, when I agreed with a commenter on the Graun, I thought it would be reasonable to refer to her previous comments.

No such luck.

Freewoman is one of the GIYUS mob who are immune to criticism.

Even though I referred to a Graun article, already in print, I was still modded.


3 Jul 2009, 11:26PM

exArmy re MsWoman : 'They need to be culled.'

Well said, Ex-Army, to question that.

(She was taliking about the Afghans but had previously said the same about the Gazans).

I always find it interesting when MsWoman, Quirky and Waltz show their racist tendencies while giving us the mock shock horror stuff about the Germans culling people in the past.

We know who runs the Banking System.
Is it possible that they also control the media?

Sometimes you wonder, don't you.


Jose said...

One way or another they do, Merkin.

anticant said...

That Mswoman is an unreconstructed 1970s "radfem".

So antique and passe.

She, Harriet Harman and their ilk are high on my culling list.

Past their sell-by date.